University Students visited the Baglihar Hydropower Project

In an enriching educational excursion, students from the School of Civil Engineering at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University (SMVDU) embarked on a visit to the renowned Baglihar Hydropower Project. The trip aimed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the various facets of hydropower generation, with a particular focus on the dam’s energy dissipation structure.

Under the guidance of Gautam Narula, Assistant Professor at the School of Civil Engineering, the students were immersed in a day-long exploration of the 900MW capacity hydropower project. The visit commenced with a detailed discussion of the construction and operation peculiarities of the dam, shedding light on the critical elements that contribute to its functionality. Following the insightful discussion, students had the opportunity to visit the powerhouse, where they delved into the intricacies of the turbines, generators, transformers, and other essential components of the hydropower system. The visit served as a hands-on learning experience, allowing students to witness firsthand the inner workings of a significant energy generation facility.

What set this educational trip apart was the emphasis on the strategic importance of the Baglihar Hydropower Project. Students gained a profound understanding of the project’s significance, not only in terms of energy generation but also in its strategic implications. Notably, the entire project, excluding the dam, is situated underground, adding a unique dimension to the students’ learning experience. The educational tour extended beyond the boundaries of hydropower, offering students insights into tunneling and soil stabilization techniques. This comprehensive exposure broadened the students’ knowledge base, equipping them with practical skills that extend beyond traditional classroom learning.

Gautam Narula, the organizer of the trip and Assistant Professor at the School of Civil Engineering played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the visit. Dr. Vaibhav Sapkal and Mr. Srijan accompanied the students, providing additional expertise and guidance throughout the excursion. The Baglihar Hydropower Project visit proved to be a valuable and enriching experience for the SMVDU Civil Engineering students, offering them a holistic perspective on hydropower generation, dam construction, and associated underground infrastructure. The trip not only showcased the academic excellence of SMVDU but also highlighted the dedication of its faculty members in providing students with real-world exposure to their chosen field.

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