College of Management (COM) at SMVDU is equivalent to the Faculty of Management in traditional universities and has constituent Schools of Study which are equivalent to Departments in a University.  The College of Management has the following as it’s constituent Schools:

  • School of Business

These Schools offer 2 Year M.B.A.program, 2 Years M.B.A.(Business Economics) program besides offering PhD programs.  Both the Schools are well equipped with excellent class-rooms, seminar halls, Computer Laboratory, Meeting rooms & School libraries.  Experienced faculty members, deeply involved in research are at the core of the Schools and conduct the academic programs.  Each school offers a variety of fields of specialisation including Human Resource Management, Finance, Marketing & Information Technology, Econometrics etc.  This gives the students a wide variety of choice coinciding with their career plans.

Dean’s Message

Change is the law of Nature. Evolution of mankind has witnessed many changes and has been managing changes through the ages. Advent  of information technology in 20th century has brought revolutionary changes in  the whole system world around. Now, the whole world is a Global village. Productivity  and efficiency are the buzz words. This change has brought many challenges for man, organizations and the management process. The main challenges are:  quality, cost reduction, productivity, efficiency, accountability, transparency  and prediction.

These challenges have brought a single challenge-  competition. Thus, we can call the current age as an age of competition. This  has put everybody, an individual or organization, under tremendous pressure  because everybody wants to succeed. Therefore, the management education is  becoming more and more important, relevant and a necessity with the passage of  time.

We, as a College of Management, are training our students to cope up with pressure of fierce competition.   Our education is a fair blend of human behaviour, organizational  psychology & behaviour, human resource management, economics, quantitative  methods, finance & accounts, marketing, production & operations, and  information technology. Students are given ample opportunity to cultivate  creativity and exploit innovations in the work culture. Visits of personnels  from corporate world and academia are part of our curriculum to apprise the  students of the corporate needs and the latest developments in theory.  Industrial visits and trainings are arranged to simulate the ground realities  of corporate work and culture into their minds. Lack of communication skills  and ethics poses many problems in our day to day working which become serious  with passage of time. Therefore, the students are being given due attention to  embed these so that they could come up to the expectations of the customers,  organizations and society in a sustainable manner and add value to their job.

Confidently, students of the College of Management, Shri  Mata Vaishno Devi University, will address the management problems of the  corporate world and cater to the needs of global society.


College of Management