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The Bachelor of Architecture course has been designed to infuse confidence in the would-be-architect. In nutshell the architect from the institute has to be made aware of the changing scene put forth by racing progress with its tools. Decadence in built-up-environment is a major concern. To feel concerned for the up gradation of the built-up-environment is the need of the hour. The basic mission of providing architectural education is to create environment friendly architecture through inputs from traditional skills, materials and geographical conditions. Expressing regional diversity through architecture and promoting research on materials, energy, depletion of resources, conservation of heritage have been in view while framing the syllabus.

  • Digesting knowledge by clarity of concepts to be of utmost importance than making process of learning examination -oriented.
  • The course content shall be defined in advance with reference materials so that student comes prepared to some extent and the teacher assumes the role of a catalyst.
  • All basic concepts shall be made clear through examples, visual aids and site observation to' make the students apply mind on practical lines with an open view.
  • ARCH. DESIGN shall be of prime importance with inputs from other related subjects.
  • Timing and importance of the subjects has been kept in view.
  • Working drawings shall be a part of both ARCH. DESIGN & BUILDING CONSTRUCTION.
  • Seminars on topics of professional concern to be part of studies with issues regarding environment, energy, heritage, landscape etc.- reference material to be made available as an introduction.
  • To be concerned about the subject with an open mind keeping in view the space and services and dilution of natural values (fitting buildings in natural settings) and heritage elements

By coalescing the subjects of the course in a natural flow, the architect- to be shall have confidence in planning, architectural design, drafting details and shall be ready for discussion. In other words it will make architecture truly a language of' heart than a language of becoming an architect. Form-Function, both in the interiors and exteriors and the relationship of structure with the site and location (HARMONY) in truthfulness shall be the theme of the course. With this approach in mind the architects from the institute shall be ready to face challenges in the field of architecture. Programmes in the Preamble are realized through practical approaches like field studies and special lectures.

Field studies help students to understand human activities, behavior and the value of space inside and outside and the details to be incorporated in Design.

  • Students are made to prepare measured drawings in first year for particular functions to give the realistic understanding of anthropometry, scale and dimension.
  • To create interest and awareness special lectures are conducted on the works of famous architects and their philosophies and other related topics in tune with times like Green Architecture.
  • Topics are made tangible through slide shows and power point presentations.
  • Outdoor study and sketching not only helps to understand Art and Aesthetics but side by decadence brought by human hands is made clear.
  • Hand on training on latest architecture computer softwares like AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and Revit put the programme of teaching on latest lines.
  • Talks and lectures are conducted by various companies dealing with interior hardware and students are made conscious of constant changes in building industry regarding wastage, pollution and conservation by explaining the ever changing trends in products.
  • Students are made aware of the various facets of the state having three regions of varied climate, customs and architecture to establish differences in approach to design and along with it the understanding of Hill Architecture and Energy Conscious buildings.
  • To keep students well informed about Architecture and widen their horizon and allow healthy competition, students attend NASA (National Association of Students Architects) meets in January every year.
  • Students also attend programmed study tours and joint workshops with other schools.
  • Lectures and Workshops by Visiting Professors render extra help to students in their understanding about the subject.
  • Students take part in Art Culture and Sports activities.

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