Induction Program of Tenth Batch of MBA Students in SMVDU


The Induction program was organized today by the School of Business for the Tenth batch of MBA students. Dr. Suparn Sharma, Director, School of Business, welcomed the students and quoted the positive fervor in his address. Prof. (Dr.) D. Mukhopadhyay , Dean College of Management, stirred the students for discipline, integrity and hard work for bright future.19082013_mba02  The message from the corporate world to the budding managers was delivered by Mr. R. R. Chowksi, the Vice-President of Cadilla Pharmaceuticals. He also interacted with the students and shared his business experiences with them. The young minds were ignited by the inspiring stories by Mr. SatishKaul, Resident Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals. Mr. T.K. Seli, Liasion Manager, Emcure Pharmaceuticals and Mr. B.K. Bhatia, Training and Placement Officer of SMVDU also wished the students for next level preparation.The formal presentation to acquaint the students with the course structure and evaluation criteria was given by Ms. Rashi Taggar, Assistant Professor, School of Business.The program was concluded with ice-breaking session to familiarize the students with the pedagogy of management. The students participated with enthusiasm and displayed their creative ideas in the session. The Induction program was coordinated by Ms.Rashi Taggar and Mrs. ShaziaBukhari.

Tricolour unfurled at SMVDU
Friday, 16 August 2013 10:49

The 67th Independence Day was celebrated in Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University with the unfurling of the national flag and a scintillating cultural programme. The Vice Chancellor Prof. Sudhir K. Jain unfurled the national flag in the presence of Registrar, Ms. Roop Avtar Kaur, Deans, Directors, faculty members, staff members and students. In his address, Prof. Jain greeted everyone on the 67th Independence Day and highlighted the significance of productive work which can make a remarkable contribution in the development of an institution in particular and a nation at large.

The flag hoisting ceremony was followed by a thought provoking cultural programme in the Matrika auditorium which the students of the university had organized on the occasion. The cultural extravaganza was a reflection of students’ creative and patriotic fervor. A prize distribution ceremony was also held on the occasion where the winners of a debate competition held in the university on National Youth Day were given certificates.

SMVDU research team identifies the mysterious crippling disorder of Arai Village

Mysterious skeletal disorder that rendered many people physically challenged in Arai Village of Poonch district has finally been identified as a rare genetic skeletal disorder.

A couple of months back, a team headed by Dr. Swarkar Sharma,Asstt.Prof. ,School of Biotechnology had visited Arai Village. The purpose of the trip was to understand more about this unknown disorder and collect familial data. Dr. Swarkar Sharma has been working in the area of Human Molecular Genetics for almost 10 years. According to him, it took them almost two months, collaborative efforts, lot of brain storming with many international orthopedic surgeons and expert radiologists, including members of International Skeletal Dysplasia Society (ISDS), for the final and proper diagnosis of the disorder. The people prominently involved in understanding the genetic nature and identification of the disorder. were: Dr. Ekta Rai,Asst Prof School of Biotechnology, Dr. K.K. Pandita, Batra Hospital; Dr. Carol Wise, Texas Scottish Rite Hosptal, Dallas USA; Dr. Shiro Ikegawa, RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Science, Japan; Dr. K. Thangaraj, Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad and Dr. Parvinder Kumar, Assistant Professor, Jammu University. Dr. K.K. Pandita and Dr. Sushil Razdan, renowned clinicians, contributed in understanding the clinical perspectives of the disorder. They also arranged for radiological and biochemical diagnostic tests for some of the patients. These tests were very critical, mainly to rule out “Kaschin-Beck Disease”, a disorder with similar phenotype (physical appearance) and frequent in Tibetan region of China.

Putting all evidences together (familial histories and genetic data, clinical features, radiological and biochemical tests findings), the disease has finally been diagnosed as “Progressive Pseudorheumatoid Arthropathy of Childhood” (PPAC) also known as “Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Tarda with Progressive Arthropathy” (SEDT-PA). This is a very rare [for example, with an estimated frequency of 1 per million (10,00,000) in UK], recessive hereditary skeletal disease and has been reported mainly in inbred populations as in Arai village. The age of onset is usually reported to be 3-8 years and the only known treatments are: physiotherapy in young ones and surgical corrections involving hip and knee replacements in mature patients.

“Knowing the gene responsible and understanding the biological mechanism, by which it is involved in the etiology of a rare disorder, is very important. So far worldwide, mutations in the gene named “WISP3” are reported to be responsible for the onset of PPAC. Presently, we are working towards the screening of this gene for mutations in the families from the Arai village to ascertain if the same is responsible for the disorder. For the purpose and to speed up the DNA sequencing work, we are taking support from Mr. Ankit Mahajan and Prof. Manoj Dhar, Department of Biotechnology, Jammu University. However, keeping in mind the extent of disorder’s prevalence in Arai population, there is a possibility that this gene may not be involved. In such situations, new state of the art “Next Generation Sequencing” technologies are very helpful in identifying new gene mutations, though very expensive, but we will go for it, if needed. Luckily, both Dr. Ekta and I have expertise in these technologies, as we have used these in our research in USA”, said Dr. Swarkar.

Further, in order to have proper medical management, it is suggested that the children of the area should be provided multi-vitamins and nutrients because such deficiencies have been scientifically reported to exaggerate the extent of the disorders. As this disorder is genetically recessive, marriage as such should not be a problem in terms of risk of disorder transmission to next generation, required that marriage within the family is avoided. It is suggested that if the extended families (roughly up to three generations) have affected members, they should avoid marrying with in the family. In such situations, genetic counseling should be sought and is of great help to curb the appearance of disorder in next generations.

SMVDU Faculty presented paper at Oxford
Friday, 26 July 2013 10:26

fac_engDr. Vandhana Sharma, Director, School of Languages and Literature, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University presented a paper “Home is when you own it: Invisible Diaspora striving for Visibility” in the 6th Global Conference on Diasporas: Exploring Critical Issues held at Mansfield College, University of Oxford, United Kingdom from July 6- July 8, 2013. The paper was co-authored by M.K Sharma, Addl. District and Sessions Judge Udhampur who also attended the Conference. The joint paper aimed at calling attention to an understudied and underrepresented refugee diaspora group of displaced persons from West Pakistan to Jammu and Kashmir who are domiciled in the territory of J&K state since 1947 but have very anomalous status and rights within the state. The paper highlighted the grievances of this particular refugee diaspora community by analyzing the legacies of the Partition and the ongoing contestation of the diasporic community over “home,” as these communities displaced sixty five years back have been forced to go invisible. The conference was an inter- and multi-disciplinary project seeking to explore the contemporary experience of Diasporas - communities who conceive of themselves as a national, ethnic, linguistic or other form of cultural and political construction of collective membership living outside of their 'home lands.' The process of acceptance of papers was stringent and only fifty percent of papers submitted were accepted for presentation in the conference from 14 countries of the world. There were only two paper presentations from India.

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6th INSPIRE begins with an Inspiring Talk by Prof. Jain at SMVDU


Department of Science & Technology, GOI sponsored 6th Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE), began with an inaugural lecture on “Innovations: Why & How?” by Prof. Sudhir K. Jain, Vice Chancellor, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, in the Matrika auditorium on 22 July, 2013. In the inaugural address, Prof. Jain talked about the importance of innovations in our lives and emphasized the need for innovations for exploiting Global Opportunities in the WTO era of Global competition. In the talk, Prof. Jain presented a slide show on Jessica Cox, who was born without arms and acquired Sport Pilot Licence in USA to fly light sport aircraft using only her feet. Prof. Jain greatly inspired the participants of INSPIRE Programme and advised them to innovate, invent and patent the inventions and further License their innovations and be rich and do charity.

The Science camp will be held from July 22 - 26, 2013 in the university campus. INSPIRE is an innovative program of DST for attraction of talent to science. The basic objective of the INSPIRE camp is to communicate to the young attendees the excitement of creative pursuits of science and to attract talent to the study of science at an early stage and build the required critical human resource pool for strengthening and expanding science and technology system in R&D base.

In his welcome address, Dr. Sunil Wanchoo, Director School of Innovation and Community Development said that under the above scheme, SMVDU has been organizing the INSPIRE science internship summer camp since 2010. The first camp was held in April, 2010), the Second in June, 2010), the Third in June 2011, the Fourth in December, 2011) and the Fifth in July, 2012). All these camps were highly successful and were appreciated by participants. Approximately 80 eminent Scientists and Academicians from all over the country have been the mentors for these camps to mentor over 1875 young students from the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

All Deans, Registrar, directors and faculty members also attended the inaugural lecture.



2 weeks ISTE Workshop on Analog Electronics concludes at SMVDU

A two weeks ISTE workshop on Analog Electronics in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur was conducted successfully at SMVDU campus from 4-14th June, 2013 under the coordination of Mr. Neeraj Tripathi as Workshop Coordinator, and Mr. Sudesh Kumar as Remote Centre Coordinator. The mode of presentation was live lecture series from the eminent professors from IIT Khragpur. The participants were teaching faculties from SMVDU, Katra and faculty members of Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra. It was live interaction program where participants were attended the rigorous curriculum developed by IIT Kharagpur . There were live lectures through A-VIEW software in the morning session and hands–on practicals in the afternoon session. School of Electronics and Communication Engineering (SECE) arranged a high class laboratory session with the help of existing infrastructure. Participants enjoyed the power point lab presentation and actual working in the laboratory. The Xilinx Lab of SECE was extensively used for this purpose. Each participant performed the laboratory session with great interest and got the expected results which were regularly verified by the Workshop Coordinator. The Lab staff made it sure that each participant get necessary components and instruments timely and conveniently. Each participant has an opportunity to use Circuit Designing software tool.


Apart from that the network supporting staff made the program very successful. They made it sure that AVIEW tool work properly and internet runs at higher speed without any interruption .Remote Centre Coordinator ensured everything work in harmony and smoothly .

It is mandatory for the participants to participate in live quizzes. Each participant attempted the quiz successfully on moodle. Assignment was given to workshop participants by the faculty members of IIT Kharagpur and participants completed those assignments and submitted to the Workshop coordinator, who evaluated the assignments.

Overall the workshop was very useful for the participants and everybody appreciated the hospitality rendered by SMVDU, Katra. At the end every participants lauded the effort made by the professors of IIT Kharagpur who took so much pain and effort to teach us. All the workshop lectures are available at NMEICT Kharagpur server for participants to access.

Organizing committee of the workshop believe that the reason behind the success of the workshop was able guidance and continues encouragement from the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. S.K. Jain, Dean College of Engineering Prof. V. Verma, and the continues support from the Registrar Mrs. Roop Avtar Kaur and other administrative departments including Finance, Stores & Procurements, Academics, Audio Video Cell, Network centre, Guest house and Dean of Students. The organizing committee also thanked director, faculty & staff members of School of Electronics & Communication Engineering for their continuous support during the workshop.

Summer Camp On Theatre held at SMVDU


School of Languages and Literature, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University organized a summer camp for junior kids in the university campus with the aim to provide theatre exposure to the children of faculty and staff residing on the campus. One week Workshop on Theatre and Art and Craft held from May 29 to 7 Jun, 2013 culminated with an enthralling performance of Hansel and Gratel by kids and an exhibition on Art and Craft. First of its kind in SMVDU, the camp was designed to enhance the listening, speaking and writing skills of children in the age group of 5-13. Keeping with the tone of a workshop, the students were exercised in the colourful activities of Arts and Crafts, where the students learnt to make cards, bookmarks, craft boxes, collages, and portraits of personalities all over the world. These stimulating activities were overseen by the instructors Kamaldeep, Priyanka and Subah who are the research scholars of the School..

The participants were also exposed to Theatrical skills by the research scholars of the School Quleen Kaur and Simranpreet Kaur, who directed the English adaptation of famous German story Hansel and Gretel. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Sudhir K Jain, Registrar Mrs. Roop Avatar Kaur, Dr. M.K Bhandari, Deans and Directors and faculty from various schools of the university watched the pleasurable and enthralling performance which was received with a delightful appreciation.


Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Sudhir Jain appreciated the talent of children and the effort made by the research scholars of the school who organized the camp under the supervision of the Director, Dr. Vandhana Sharma.

The performance of Hansel and Gratel led to a vivid exhibition of the crafts the students had drawn in the course of the camp.

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Computer Awareness Program for staff conducted successfully


The School of Computer Science and Engineering, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University successfully organized and conducted one week workshop from 13th to 17th May 2013, on “Computer Awareness Program for Non Teaching Staff” under the coordination of Ms. Sonika Gupta as Workshop Coordinator, Dr. Ajay Kaul, Director School of Computer Science, Dr. Naveen Gondhi and Mr. Sudesh Kumar. This workshop was especially designed for the Non- teaching staff of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University. This workshop targeted to train the Non-teaching office staff in various aspects of Computer Hardware and troubleshooting, Software like MS-Office including a DBMS, Networking and Internet so as to enhance their skills and help them perform their day to day Office work better. Theoretical concepts along with extensive hand on lab session were delivered to the participants. Staff members from various schools of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University had actively participated and learned new concepts in the workshop. As per the feedback received, the workshop had been very useful for them. The laboratory sessions were liked mostly which helped the participants in understanding the concepts in a better way. The Workshop coordinator thanked director, faculty & staff members especially Mr. Himmat and Ms. Nisha of School of Comp. Sc. & Engineering for their continuous support during the workshop.

AICTE Sponsored Two-Week FDP Concludes at SMVDU


With the spirit to impart the understanding of various econometric and time series techniques in business Second National Two-week Faculty Development Programme on Application of Econometrics and Time Series Techniques in Business was organized by SMVD University, Katra with the financial assistance from AICTE, New Delhi. During the valedictory ceremony, Registrar, Mrs. Roop Avtar Kaur appreciated the efforts of College of Management and mentioned that the College has always been pioneer in organizing such kind of programmes since inception and hope that it will continue to make more efforts in future also with the same spirit. Whereas, Dean, College of Management, Prof. D. Mukhopadhyay, conveying his best wishes to the participants for their bright future and stated that such kind of programmes will definitely add value to the teaching, research and overall grooming of the participants. Briefing the sessions conducted in this 14-day programme, Chief Programme Coordinator praised the participants’ active involvement and participation in the programme which made the programme more worth full.During the function Prof S.K.Jain vice-chancellor conveyed his best wishes to the organizers and participants. Prof. Ashok Aima from Central University, Jammu graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and complimented the university for organizing a programme that will help in enhancing the analytical ability of the participants and widening their horizon of knowledge.

The external resource persons including Prof. Somesh Mathur,IIT Kanpur, Prof.Shahid Ahmed, Prof. Sunil Kumar, South Asian University, New Delhi,Prof. N. Hatekar, University of Mumbai shared their knowledge and rich experiences with the participants. Besides, participants also enriched their knowledge from the learning and inputs of faculty of college of management during this 14-day programme.

The 14-day programme has received enthusiastic response from various parts of the country. A total of 60 participants from more than 20 institutions located in various parts of India , such as, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, Amity Global Business School, Bhubaneshwar, Guru Govind Singh Khalsa College, Sarhali, Amrapali Institute, Lamachor, Haldwani, University of Jammu, Dept. of Business Management, Purvanchal University, Jaunpur, , Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu, P.G. D.A.V College Nehru Nagar Delhi, Central University Rajasthan, Sikshya Anusand University Bhuvneshwar, Centre of Management Studies, Dhramshing Desai University, Nadiad, Gujrat, SHOC Ghaziabad, Brila Institute of Technology, Mesra, SAS Institute of Management Studies, Palghar, Thane, Maharashtra, P.G dept. of Economics Dr. S R K Govt. Arts and Science College, Pondecherry, Jhunjhunwala Business School, SMC, IIRM Campus, Thadi Mkt. Mansarovar, Jaipur, , Business School, Dwarikapuri, ITER, P.G. D.A.V College Nehru Nagar, Delhi, H.N.B. Gharwal University have participated and honed their research and analytical skills relating to research.

Participants during the valedictory session highlighted the benefits derived from this programme and share their experiences of learning and stay in the campus for 14-day. They congrulate the organizers for conduction of programme which is blend of theory laboratory sessions and practical cases. They requested to organize such kind of programmes in more frequent mode.

The valedictory session ends with a vote of thanks by programme Co-coordinator.

2 weeks ISTE Workshop on DBMS concludes at SMVDU


The School of Computer Science and Engineering, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University in collaboration with IIT, Bombay successfully conducted two weeks ISTE workshop from 21st to 31st May 2013, on “Database Management Systems” under the coordination of Mr. Manoj Kumar as Workshop Coordinator, and Mr. Sudesh Kumar as Remote Centre Coordinator. Twenty one faculty members from various Institutes of J&K have participated in the workshop.

The workshop, one in the series, had been conducted under the MHRD sponsored project on National Mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT) where in over 10000 faculty members across India were targeted to be trained in various aspects of DBMS so as to enhance their skills in teaching & research. Lectures were delivered (live broadcasting) by Prof. S. Sudarshan from IIT, Bombay using A-view Software to different Remote Centres. The participants participated actively by asking questions to the teacher by using A-view (virtual classroom) software, even though the lecture was delivered remotely.


The contents of the course were also comprised of laboratory sessions. Lab sessions were conducted at Database Lab., School of Comp. Sc. & Engg. by Mr. Manoj Kumar, Workshop Coordinator with the support of laboratory staff. Laboratory sessions comprised of all the important topics like data query, JDBC, Servlets, transaction processing, Hadoop, etc.

As per the feedback received from various participants at SMVDU, the workshop has been very useful for them. The laboratory sessions were liked mostly which helped the participants in understanding the concepts in a better way. They appreciated the arrangements made by the organizing committee, and they also looked forward to participating in such workshops to be conducted in future.


The organizing committee of the workshop strongly felt that the workshop had been successful due to the able guidance of the Hon’ble Vice chancellor Prof. S.K. Jain, Dean College of Engineering Prof. V. Verma, and the continuous support from the Registrar Mrs. Roop Avtar Kaur and other administrative departments including Finance, Stores & Procurements, Academics, Audio Video Cell, Network centre, Guest house and Dean of Students. The organizing committee also thanked director, faculty & staff members of School of Comp. Sc. & Engineering for their continuous support during the workshop.

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