SMVDU Alumni delivers talk on Intellectual Property Rights and Procedures


School of Mechanical Engineering, SMVDU organized a guest lecture of Mr. Manik Gupta, an SMVDU Alumni and a certified patent engineer on “Intellectual Property Rights and Procedure for Patent filing. Mr. Manik apart from introducing the topic to the audience also shared some tips so as to easily file patents.

The purpose behind organizing the talk was to educate students as well as faculty members about Intellectual property and to encourage filing of patents.

Mr. Balbir Singh I/C Director SME lauded Mr. Manik’s kind gesture for accepting the invitation for delivering the lecture and Mr. Mir Irfan Ul Haq AP, SME for coordinating the entire event. As the rating of nation is gauged by number of patents, he stressed upon students and faculty members to contribute towards working in innovative fields for nation building in particular and humanity as a whole by inculcating an attitude of simultaneous learning and research. The lecture ended by an interactive question answer session.


SMVDU Celebrates Annual Tech Fest 2013


The Day 2 of Annual Technical festival – Titiksha2k13 here at SMVDU witnessed a wide range of technical skills in which the budding engineers from various engineering colleges all across North India showcased their innovative ideas. During this 3 day festival, about 800 students are participating in this mega technical event which is a platform where the current trends of Engineering, Science and Technology in the form of various gadgets are presented.

Earlier, the festival was flagged off by the Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Sudhir K. Jain who was the chief guest on the inaugural ceremony held here at SMVDU.

It is worth to mention here that Titiksha is a regular feature of SMVDU where the students beyond their conventional classroom learning process exhibit the inner talent par excellence. In his inaugural address, the Vice Chancellor lauded the efforts of young minds who he described them as the czar of modern Science and Technology.


The Vice Chancellor, motivated the participating students to develop gadgets which can be patented and utilized for the welfare of the society at large. He urged the budding technocrats to focus on the problems being faced by the society and serve them with gadgets which suffice their day to day life needs in an economical manner.

He also lauded the young talented students of the university who have excelled in various spheres of knowledge during the recent past.

Those who shared the dias include Registrar SMVDU, Roop Avtar Kaur, Dean College of Engineering, Prof. V Verma, Dean of Students and Convener, Dr. Yougal Khahuria and, Dr. Ankush Anand, Chief Faculty Coordinator, Titiksha 2k13.

Titiksha 2k13 is an inter college event in which the students from various disciplines like Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Industrial Bio-Technology and, Architecture are participating with a series of unparallel ideas. The day 2 was marked by events like Robo race, Swachalit Robo, Electro Avatar, Lui Commando, Landscaping, Bio Tech Quiz, Structure Modelling, etc. in which about 25 teams of students participated in a challenging environment.

A Workshop on “Python Programming” language was also a part of day 2 in which one of the SMVDU’s aluminous Saurabh Kumar interacted with the participating teams and briefed them about various aspects of Python as a programming language.

The valedictory ceremony of this 3 day event will be held on 27th October at Maitrika Auditorium SMVDU.

Young Scientist Award presented to Faculty members of SMVDU


Faculty members and Research Scholars of School of Biotechnology participated and presented papers in the National Conference on Energy, Environment and Biotechnology Research (NCEEBR-2013) held at Department of Biotechnology, Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh on 5th & 6th October, 2013. More than 500 participants from all over India were invited wherein 50 Oral and 40 Poster Presentations were made at the Conference financially supported by DST, CSIR, GOI and Council of Science & Technology, Lucknow, UP. Faculty members of School of Biotechnology, SMVDU, J&K presented 5 papers wherein, Dr. Sharada M. Potukuchi and Dr. Indu Bhushan, Asst. Profs., SMVDU were awarded Young Scientist Awards for their contributions. Prof. S.K. Jain, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, SMVDU and Prof. V. Verma, Dean College of Engineering & Director SBT congratulated the awarded faculty for bringing laurels to the School of Biotechnology and the university.

Panel Discussion on Rupee Depreciation: Issues & Challenges

A thought provoking session under Mind Meet Forum was conducted in the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University on the topic “Rupee Depreciation: Issues and Challenges”. There was active participation from different departments including College of Management, College of Engineering and College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Students in large numbers attended the discussion with full vigor and vitality. The panel members consisted of budding managers from College of Management and technical engineers from College of Engineering.

The session began with introduction of the Mind Meet activities. The Panel discussion initiates the discussion by giving an outline on rupee depreciation. He focused on various important factors and explained the reasons contributing to the slide in rupee. Further the session proceeded with some valuable concepts and points regarding the topic by the student panel.

Ms. Kamakshi Chandan, from MBA 1st semester introduced the basics of rupee depreciation. She threw light upon the facts and figures regarding the past and present scenario of rupee. She was followed by Ms. Arshiya Kapoor from MBA 1st semester who elaborated the reasons of the fall in rupee with regards to various live examples from Business Today Magazine. It continued further with the next panelist Ms. Deepika Khajuria from MBA 1st semester enlightening the audience with the steps taken by RBI to strengthen the value of rupee against dollar. She focused on the RBI policies and its impact on rupee slide by the ex Governor D. Subbarao. Steps taken by Indian policy makers to prevent the rupee drop were explained further by her. Ms. Mallika Sharma from MBA 1st semester added to the theme by relating the Indian Economy with rupee depreciation. She stressed on inflation and related it with rupee slide which in turn affects the general public. Mr. Tawqir Nasir from 4th year gave general concepts about rupee fall with respect to local people’s point of view. He made the discussion lively by citing various interesting examples in general perspective and correlating it with the political juggernaut. The last panelist Ms. Natasha Kaul from MBA 3rd semester gave valuable points on the topic by comparing the past, present and future scenario of rupee.

The panel discussion was followed up by the senior scholars Mr. Aabid Sultan and Mr. Ajaz Ul Islam who captivated the minds with their in-depth knowledge about the issue. Lastly there was question and answer session which was done in a positive spirit. The Mind Meet was a success & the comparers Mr. Naveed Majeed & Ms. Sudheepa Aluwalia managed the event very well and coordinated it whole heartedly. It was wound up by Ms. Binesh Hussain from MBA 3rd semester who proposed a vote of thanks to all the esteemed members present in the discussion. Participated actively.

National Engineers Day Celebrated at SMVDU


To commemorate the birth anniversary of veteran Indian Engineer Sir M. Visvesvaraya, the National Engineers Day was celebrated here at SMVDU in which Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. S.K Jain was the chief guest. It is worth to mention here that every year September 15 is celebrated as the National Engineers Day throughout the Country. The theme of this year’s Engineering Day was “Frugal Engineering”.

In his address, the Vice Chancellor motivated the participating students to think beyond the conventional class room knowledge and prepare themselves to meet the challenges of today’s competitive world and serve the society by proving as professionals par excellence. Prof. Jain also lamented the need for celebrating the days of national importance as an annual feature in the SMVD University and has assured of all possible help in celebrating such events. He also lauded the young and the talented students of the university who have excelled in various spheres of knowledge during the recent past.

The Dean College of Engineering, Prof. V. Verma, emphasized upon the importance of Engineers Day in the Indian scenario. He also highlighted the various emerging fields of Engineering and Technology, the advancements made during the last few decades. Dr. Varun Tripathi, Asstt. Prof., School of Philosophy and Culture, delivered a talk on Engineering Ethics. Mr. Mir-Irfan-Ul-Haq, Asstt. Prof., School of Mechanical Engineering coordinated the events of the programme. The vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Ankush Anand, Asstt. Prof., School of Mechanical Engineering.

At the end the Vice Chancellor awarded the top rankers who presented their views on “Frugal Engineering”. Akshay Bhat and Bhasker Taneja of B.Tech. secured the first rank.

Teachers Day celebration at SME


A function was organized to celebrate the National Teachers Day in the office of Director, SME

Dean COE, Dr. V. Verma the chief guest on the function stressed upon the importance of dedication and honesty in the teaching profession. Dr V. Verma in his motivational speech talked about the role of teachers in human resource development holistically. He also stressed that in addition to teaching academic courses, teacher must work for the overall development of the personality of the students.

A detailed presentation was delivered by I/C Director, SME Mr. Balbir Singh on the life of Dr. S Radha Krishnan. Mr. Balbir Singh also shared his collection of motivational audio Visual with the audience which the audience endorsed. Mr. Balbir Singh also emphasized that teachers must develop caring and accommodative attitude towards students and they must put in their best to become role model for the student community.

All faculty members & staff members of SME attended the function.

Concordance 2013 held at SMVDU
Friday, 06 September 2013 11:28


The annual Fresher’s meet was celebrated with fanfare and enthusiasm in the Matrika auditorium of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University in the university campus. Concordance in SMVDU symbolizes not only the senior-junior bonhomie but a day of talent display by the new entrants. The Vice Chancellor Prof. Sudhir K. Jain, all deans, Registrar, Directors and faculty members also attended the annual congregation of students which is organized under the aegis of the Dean of Students’ Office. Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Jain welcomed the fresh entrants and highlighted how SMVDU is an institution with a difference as it imparts holistic education to students and the residential nature of the campus at the foothills of the Goddess makes it all the more an ideal location for learning and growing.  

Earlier Dr. Yugal Khajura, Dean of Students gave an orientation lecture to students. The senior semester students displayed the socio-cultural matrix of the campus in interesting presentation made by them and welcomed the new entrants by focusing on the discipline and learning-oriented ambience of the campus. The new entrants exhibited their talent by making scintillating performance of group dances, singing and skits.  



TEACHING /LEARNING - Changing Scenario In Modern Era

Preface: Teacher; beyond doubt is the biggest social & mankind servant in many ways. Teacher is instrumental in shaping the careers of all of us irrespective how distinguished may be these careers are. Indeed, teachers all over the globe are not appreciated & felicitated the way they deserve.

Foundation: Dr. S. Radhakrishna, the 2nd president of India felt the need of honouring the selfless service of teaching fraternity. Being the philosophy scholar & teacher himself apart from the President of Indian republic, he is remembered as the founder of Teacher’s day & the same is celebrated to felicitate the teaching community on 5th of September every year i.e. on the birth anniversary of Dr. S.Radhakrishna. Worldwide, teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th October every year.

Teacher’s day 2013 has made me to afresh my nostalgia of school days when we imitate our teacher’s & used to teach the lower classes. It used to be a fun day when we were escaped from our teachers & the rigorous classes schedule as everybody feels in that age. But, in the process of teaching the lower classes on that particular day, the thrust of teaching -learning & the pleasure to transform the knowledge has peacefully occupied its place in depth of the soul. May be it is the contribution of teacher’s day that many of us have realized & ultimately chosen this devoted service of outmost passion & dedication.

Issue & Prospects: We come across many teachers in our academic career particularly right from kindergarten to the University level studies & sometimes after that too. The role of the teacher has always been changing with the progress of the student from primary to the middle, the high school & so on this role comes along with greater obligation with each passing year in this comparative era.

In the last 10-15 years, world has seen a greater explosion in terms of development, population & thus in competition. In present years of global recession, it is totally realized that it’s the age of the best i.e the survival of the fittest. Consequently, the role of the teacher is demanded unprecedentedly. Its not all about finishing the text book or syllabi of the concerned subject but the obligations of 21st century teacher are going far far beyond. While we expect, the general etiquettes, conduct, subject knowledge in our wards through their teacher’s predominantly yet career counselling has become the single largest domain of the present teacher’s prime responsibility. So, present teacher ought to be the role model in this era. He/she must be competent enough to identify & distinguish the uniqueness of a person particularly at the primary level & then nurturing & motivating the same in the best possible manner.

On this day I request whole of teaching fraternity to look into the careers of their students carefully as their moral obligation with the vision of making the career of society in particular & country at large. A careful but competent, selfless & dedicated teacher (of any form) can do wonders for this society e.g. God of cricket –Sachin is of course the gift of his teacher- Sh. Ramakant Achrekar. Only he recognized the uniqueness of Sachin so he facilitated Sachin by giving him maximum chances of match exposure i.e. batting in multiple matches at the same time in case he falls cheaply in the one match & results are there in front of the whole world. Hence, Teacher’s at the primary level shall have to contribute a lot for the fine cultured society of tomorrow. The role of the teacher has become more of a facilitator. With the varied avenues open in this era, it’s not the age to force the learning upon students with the help of threat or stick i.e. students are the learners in modern set-up. The relevant portion, the applicable part these learners shall absorb from the facilitators as per their own interest & endeavours. Clearly, the versatile teaching from the facilitators is the requirement by pouring & nurturing varied talents. It’s not impossible in this mechanized world with the latest ICT gadgets which can make teaching learning a far more interesting, simple & interactive one. This process must carry on in different intensities at higher learning’s too.

Conclusion: It’s quite evident that a teacher so called a facilitator is the key to tomorrow in this competitive & professional world. We the teaching fraternity is extremely blessed to have got the chance & ecstasy of this biggest social & mankind service. As The faculty of Architecture i.e. being in a important professional career as far as society obligations are concerned, I take up this duty of teaching as if I am enhancing myself many prongs; for direct contribution to society; with each passing batch of students every year which would not have been possible in case I opted to practice alone in the field. On this teacher’s day, I wish with our dedication, self-sincerity & hard work, we shall deliver at par with the prospects & trust invested in us from society, students (learners) & their parents. With the best wishes for prosperous tomorrow, I wish everybody including my teacher’s a very Happy Teacher’s Day.

Ar. Anoop Sharma
Faculty in Architecture
Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Katra

Team MECHANIX SMVDU design All Terrain Vehicle

Many college students are frenzy about automobiles but only few are enthusiastic about taking their passion to a higher level. It is the auto passion of the students of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra J&K that ignited them to design an All Terrain Vehicle( ATV) capable of treading the untrodden be it mud, hills or gravels.

With encouragement & co-operation from Director of School of Mechanical Engineering, Mr.Balbir Singh a dedicated team, “MECHANIX” of 24 students under the guidance of Dr. Ankush Anand, Mr. Varun Dutta and Mr. Mir Irfan Ul Haq qualified the virtual phase of national event namely BAJA 2013-14, an event conducted by Society Of Automotive Engineers (SAE) every year.

Teams from about 360 renowned colleges across India including IIT’s and NIT’s participated in the 1 phase of the event out of which only 125 teams were qualified for the next phase, team MECHANIX of SMVDU being one of them. Sumit, Arjun, Harshvardhan and Tawqeer representing SMVDU presented the virtual design the ATV-THE WILD BANTENG, which was validated by a committee of R&D authorities and was green flagged for the next phase.

Team Mechanix is all set to proceed to the next phase i.e, fabrication of the ATV according to the virtual design, which would cost approximately 6.2 lakhs. Sponsorship and support is expected from various agencies and organisations to make the event a grand success.

SMVDU being the only university from the state of Jammu & Kashmir to qualify the event, the students are looking forward for the support from the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

A good performance by the team may earn them a promotion to the international level of the competition, thereby earning a global acclamation for SMVDU and an opportunity for the sponsors to promote themselves globally.

Guest Lecture by MBA Alumni working with Amazon

The College of Management, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, yesterday organized a guest lecture by Mr. Dheeraj Anand, who is an Alumina of COM, SMVDU and is currently working with Amazon India.

The core objective of the lecture was to inculcate management qualities in students so that they are able to play a catalytic role in future and grab the best out of opportunities. Mr. Dheeraj Anand encouraged the students to become dynamic and come out of classes to explore more about the corporate world. He asked the fresher’s to pull up their socks and start working from the very first day and suggested the final year students to go for hard plus smart work. He said that there is ample number of opportunities in market and one needs to be purely dedicated, focused and efficient to grab those opportunities. He asked the students to set up a goal and keep their focus in one direction.

Mr. Dheeraj Anand also shared some of his experiences in SMVDU. He said that he learned a lot while being the student of COM and he owes his success to all the faculty members who guided him throughout. He emphasized upon the inclusive and participative learning.

In interactive session students clarified their doubts and asked him about the corporate world and strategies to get into a good company. He said that companies like amazon look for talent that is focused and have conceptual clarity. He said that the College of Management provides enough preparation regarding the concepts of management and personality development, students need to take up the challenge and prepare with a clear focus. He also gave some tips about facing an interview and gave his best wishes to the students.

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