Important Instructions, Terms & Conditions

1. The on-line mechanism is meant for submission of Application Form by the candidate who wishes to apply for admission to the various programs being offered by the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University in the Academic Session 2016-17. The alternate mechanism of submission of Forms by Registered/Speed Post/submission by hand is also available.

2. The last date of Receipt of Application Forms is as given in the Admission Brochure 2016-17 unless amended. Kindly check website for updates in this regards. Admission Brochure can be downloaded by clicking the button "Download Admission Brochure 2016-17" available on the right hand side.

3. Applicants are required to register for the On-Line Application Form Submission mechanism by providing necessary information and are assigned a User_ID which is the E-mail address of the user. It is mandatory for the applicants to ensure that all information provided is accurate. In case any information submitted is found incorrect at a later stage or if the Form is incomplete, the registration of the applicant is liable to be cancelled and the Application Forms submitted from that User_ID are liable to be rejected.

4. With the User_ID the applicant can login and reach the Dashboard. An applicant can Start New Admission Form or view existing Forms or submitted Forms. The Application Form is in 03 parts. The applicants are advised to enter and store the information carefully in the Application Form. The responsibility of ensuring that the information provided in each part is correct rests solely on the applicant. In case any information submitted is found incorrect at any stage or if the Form is incomplete, the Application Form submitted is liable to be rejected and consequent admission, if granted, may be cancelled.

5. If an applicant wishes to apply for admission to more than one program e.g. M.Sc.(Math) & M.Sc.(Physics) then separate Application Forms need to be filled and separate payment of Application Fee needs to be done.

6. Successful uploading of all the three parts of the Application Form does not mean successful submission of Form. The submission of Form requires payment of Rs. 1,100/- as Brochure Fee + Application Form Fee which is to be paid on-line using the Internet Payment Gateway facility built-in the Student Dashboard using Credit/Debit Card by the due date.

7. An e-mail confirmation will be sent to the student after payment of fee. Successful payment of fee will lead to submission of Application Form. In case, a confirmatory e-mail is not received after successful payment, please contact webmaster@smvdu.ac.in

8. In case of any technical difficulty in filling the Application Form / making payment , queries may please be sent by e-mail to webmaster@smvdu.ac.in

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**Forgot Password: In case you have forgotten your Password for Login, then send an Email to webmaster@smvdu.ac.in, from Your Registered Email-id (same Email-id which was used, to Fill the Form Initially)

**Another way: Download the Branch Preference From from our website, fill it and scan the Form, then send an Email to ugadmissions@smvdu.ac.in