Singh, Aditya Kumar
sald_aditya Singh, Aditya Kumar - Associate Professor & Director

Qualification :
M.L.A.(SPA, New Delhi), E.M.I.B. (IIFT, New Delhi), B.Arch. (NIT, Bhopal)
Area of Specialization :
Landscape Design, International Business, Building Economics, Capital & Stock Management
Areas of Interest : Architectural Education, GATS in Service Sector, Globalization of Architectural Profession, Sustainable Landscape Design
Email : director.sald[at] 
Ext: 2370 (O), 6370 (R)
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Sharma, Amit
arch_amit_sharma Sharma, Amit - Asstt. Professor

Qualification :
B. E.(GOLD MEDALIST - GCET Jammu), M.Tech. (NBCC-AWARDEE - IIT Delhi), Ph.D. (Civil Engineering-IIT Delhi).
Areas of Specialization :
Finite Element Analysis, Soil structure Interaction, Numerical Modeling of Soil Behaviour, Geotechnology for Railway Tracks and Pavements, Geotechnical Evaluation of Soil and Granular Materials by Triaxial Shear Testing and Instrumentation in Soil Mechanics.
Areas of Interest :
Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering; Analysis of Determinate and Indeterminate structures, Design of RCC, Steel and Pre stressed Concrete  Structures and Instrumented Model Testing of Prototypes under Monotonic and Cyclic loading.
Email   : amit.sharma[at], s78786[at]
Phone : NA     Ext: 2368
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Dogra, V. K.
picSMVDU_Faculty_Architechture-8 Dogra, V. K. - Assistant Professor

Qualification :
B. E., M. Tech. (Structural Engineering)
Areas of Interest :
Design of Large Span Structures with Folded Plates, Shells, Domes, Structural Design of Flat Slabs, Flat slabs with drops and pyramids.
Email   : vk.dogra[at]
Phone : 2131( Extn.)
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Gupta, Abhiney
picSMVDU_Faculty_Architechture-10 Gupta, Abhiney - Lecturer

Qualification :
B. Architecture.
Areas of Interest :
Design Housing & Green Buildings.
Email : abhiney.gupta[at]
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Khajooria Arshia
picSMVDU_Faculty_Architechture-3 Khajooria, Arshia - Lecturer

Qualification :
B. Architecture, M.Arch
Areas of Interest :
Green Building &. Earthquake resistant structures, Rain water harvesting
Email : arshia.khajooria[at]
Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 May 2013 10:14
Gupta, Navin
saldnavingupta Gupta, Navin - Lecturer

Qualification :
B. Architecture
Areas of Interest :
Building Construction & Techniques.
Email : navin.gupta[at] 
Phone :  +
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Sharma, Abhimanyu
picSMVDU_Faculty_Architechture-2 Sharma, Abhimanyu - Lecturer

Qualification :
B. Architecture
Areas of Interest :
Architecture Design.
Email : abhimanyu.sharma[at] 
Phone : 9419252658
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Sharma, Anoop Kumar
anoop Sharma, Anoop Kumar - Lecturer

Qualification :
B. Architecture.(Gold Medalist), M.Arch.
Areas of Interest :
21st Century Housing, Sustainable Construction, Furniture Designing
Email : anoop.sharma[at]
Phone : 9906273444
Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 May 2013 10:15