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The following criterions need to be met for award of degree for various programmes:

Earned Credits

The earned credit requirements for award of degree are give in Table. These credits are needed to be earned under different categories as specified for individual programmes. Besides these courses all other courses, including non-credit courses, need to be passed for award of degree. For continuation of admission in the University, however, a minimum number of credits have to be earned every year as given in the Table, failing which the admission stands cancelled permanently.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) Requirement

A student must obtain a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 6.0 in post graduate program to be eligible for award of the degree. All exceptions to the above conditions will be dealt as per following regulations:
(a) If a student completes required credits for the post graduate degree with CGPA less than 6.0, then the student will be permitted to do additional elective courses under any category to improve the CGPA within the maximum time limit for completion of the post graduate degree e.g. for MBA 3 years. In case a CGPA of 6.0 or more is achieved within the stipulated period, the post graduate Degree will be awarded and in case the same is not achieved no degree will be awarded.
(b) No self-study course will be permitted for the purpose of improvement of CGPA for postgraduate degree courses or undergraduate degree courses.

Practical Training

As a part of some post graduate degree program (M.B.A. / M.B.A.(BE), M.Tech), a student of shall be required to undergo the prescribed number of days of practical training to the satisfaction of the concerned school. This training will be normally arranged in the summer vacation following the 2nd semester. Practical training duration is a minimum of 50 working days and should be carried out preferably in industry. Practical training in academic institutions is discouraged.

Audit Courses

Audit facility is open to all students who have completed 34 credits for PG students and 100 credits for UG students. A student will be permitted to do any number of audit courses over and above the graduation requirements. However, for UG students at the most 8 credits can be counted towards the minimum requirement of 185 credits. Also for UG students, only Elective subjects can be chosen as Audit course. For PG students the Audit courses shall not contribute to the earned credits.

**Rules & Regulations are subject to change from Time-to-time and will be notified accordingly.

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