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The students of B.Arch final year (9th semester) of School of Architecture & Landscape Design fabricated Spherical Geodesic dome using A4 size waste papers. The objective was to demonstrate the structural strength & stability of geodesic dome while simultaneously ensuring usage of only recyclable material. The students decided to use the A4-size waste paper from the various offices.

12102010_arch_2The inherent strength of the geodesic dome is exhibited by the fact that 2600mm diameter dome built with small size paper pieces is self supporting up to a height of 1450mm. Papers are rolled to form tubes (structural members), which are connected with the help of nuts and bolts to form the geodesic dome. All the students of 9th semester participated in the mockup exercise, in which they devoted two hours per week and finally completed the dome in one month’s time.

The students were provided valuable guidance and supervision by Structural Engineer, Mr. V. K. Dogra, Assistant Professor, SALD, with the support of members of faculty of School of Architecture & Landscape Design.

The salient features of the Geodesic Dome constructed are as under:

  • Diameter =2600mm
  • Height =1450mm
  • No. of Members =645
  • No. of joints =241

The students expressed great interest in performing this self explanatory exercise which they found to be practical, informative and challenging. The School intends to encourage such activities for every semester in future, in different structural forms.

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