"A good library is a place, a palace where the lofty spirits of all nations and generations meet."

- Samuel Niger (1883-1956)

They are the books, the arts, the academes, That show, contain and nourish all the world.

- William Shakespeare, Love's Labour's Lost

SMVD University Library is a specialized technical library. Library is the knowledge centre of any University which has rich resources mainly in Social Sciences, Humanities, Sciences and Engineering. The Central Library started with 2000 Books on 19th August 2004.  Within a short span of time the library has acquired more than 39000 books & more than 2100 CD-ROM collections.

The Central Library building is built over an area of 36000 square yards.

Various sections of the Central Library are Acquisition Section, Technical Section, Circulation Section, Reference Section, Periodical Section  Book Bank Section, Computer Section, Reading Section, Photocopy Section and Education@UK Centre.

To enrich the Library collection with the quality books Library organises Book Fair & Book exhibition participated  by renowned publishers and vendors from all over  India.

In 2009, British Council established its Education@UK Centre, the second of its kind in India at the University level in the Central Library of our University. This centre will facilitate providing information about courses offered, scholarships, and exchange programs in the U.K.

The Central Library collection encompases Management, Economics, Engineering, Architecture, Sciences, Philosophy, Culture, Religion, English, Dogri & Hindi Literature.

Library Timmings

Library remains open  all days except  Holidays of the university. Timings of the Library are as follows:

Sr. No.





Book Stacks for Circulation


9:00 AM - 5:00 p.m.




9 A.M. - 8 P.M. &

9:00 PM - 10 PM


Saturday- Sunday

10 A.M. – 5:00 PM

Reading Room: 24X7

During Exams: Library is open till 11:00 p.m. (Monday – Friday)

During Vacations Library is operational in the weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Library Membership

All the students and employees of the University are eligible for membership of the library. The registered members are issued bar-coded library identity cards. The category of library members are Students; Faculty members; Staff members, and Research Scholars. At present, Library is catering to the information needs of more than 1500 users with the help of its expert professionals.

Current Library staff Strength:

At present, the library is staffed as follows:

Library Professionals:


Assistant Librarians – 1; and

Library Assistants-9

Non-professionals: Attendants-4

Multi-task attendant including data entry jobs-1

Attendants-3 (Day- 2 & Evening – 1)


The details of Library Personnel involved  in the functioning of Library are: -





Mr. Subrata Deb



Mr. Romesh Chander

Assistant Librarian


Ms. Suneeta Raina

Library Assistant


Mr. Sandeep Kumar

Library Assistant


Mr. Kishore Lal Sharma

Library Assistant


Mr. Ashwani Kumar

Library Assistant


Mr. Mool Raj

Library Assistant


Ms. Pooja Sharma

Library Assistant


Mr. Rohit Gupta

Library Assistant


Mr. Shiv Saran Singh

Library Assistant


Mr. Chandreshwar Gupta

Library Assistant


Mr. Jaipal Singh Jamwal

Multi-Tasking Attendant (MTA)

Collection Strength: -

Books Collection in the Central Library

S. No.






Total Collection



CD’s and DVD’s

Total no. of CDs and DVDs


Newspaper, Magazines and Journals Collection in the Central Library: -

S. No.






Total No. of Newspaper



Print Journals & Magazines

Total No. of Printed Journals available

(foreign 56+national 68)



Online Journals


·       American Chemical Society (will be accessible shortly)

·       American Physical Society (will be accessible shortly)

·       Jstor

·       Annual Reviews

·       Taylor and Francis



Online Journals

AICTE Consortium

  • Springer
  • IEEE
  • Elsevier
  • Emerald




1.       McGraw-Hill

2.       J-Gate

3.       ASTM DL

4.       MathSciNet

5.       ProQuest


OPAC/Library Automation

The library is an Integrated Library Management software package - the LIBSYS - with all the modules for the library housekeeping operations. Users can find the latest additions of books and periodicals in the library, status of books (issued/on-shelf) and check against his account books overdue against his name. Using LIBSYS OPAC(Online Public Access Catalogue), users can search the Library Online Catalogue by Author, Title, Subject, and Keywords. One can also search or check the same on Internet through WebOPAC with the help of LSPremia (the web-enabled LIBSYS) software. 

Library catalogue is automated and fully indexed. The catalogue can be browsed and searched by author, titles, and subject/keywords.

The entire Library collection is Bar-coded. Bar-coded Library cards are printed in-house in the Library and are issued to the members. Barcode technology enables circulation of books in easy, reliable and user friendly manner. Apart from this, any member can also find  the status of books issued in their name, overdue, fines, etc.

Internet Access:

Since September 2009 Library is providing access to its users to online periodicals & various information resources from nine internet computers.

Digital Library:

In the year 2008, the Virtual digital Library was established with various online reference resources and access to Open Access Journals available.

Access to CD-ROMs:

Users can access CD-ROM titles through SMVDU-INTRANET.

Reprographic Service:

Library provides photocopy service to the users against a nominal charge. The photocopy service is always on high demand. 


Library also provides Current Awareness Services & is involved in Selective Dissemination of Information.



DELNET Membership:

It is not possible to procure all books or subscribe to all journals. Hence, to get books on loan basis or journal reprints on request is possible through DELNET (Developing Library Network), Delhi. Library is a member of DELNET since 2007. We procure books on request through Inter-library Loan (ILL) from the DELNET. One can also find out the books or journals available in various libraries in India with the help of Union Catalogue of DELNET.


INDEST-AICTE (IIT) Consortium:

Library is also a member of INDEST-AICTE Consortium for subscribing to access all the online journals in the field of Engineering, Management and Sciences. Through INDEST Consortium Library has access to various publisher journals.


Reading Room, Internet Access, Photocopying, and Air-conditioned Reference Section.

Hardware (equipments) and Software:


Library had 15 computers and recently Library procured 60 new computers utilizing UGC Fund.


Library Management Software:

At present the Library catalogue is supported by the Library Management Software called LIBSYS (LSPremia) and is available on the university server.


Online UPS:

For power backup to all such computers FOUR Nos.  Online UPS have been procured. This will help minimizing data loss and unwanted record freezing / jamming due to unwarranted unsystematic shutdown of a system caused by power failure/load-shedding.


Photocopier/Photocopy Machine:

At present, library has THREE latest Canon photocopy machines in the library. All these are already placed at different utility locations in the library. One old system is used as back-up arrangement in case of any failure.


Apart from the above Central Library is equipped with FAX Machine, Computer Printer and a Scanner.


Growth of Collection:

Till 2009 there were nearly 19000 books available. Out of these, approximately 10,000 books were for circulation and 4500 books for reference purpose. Since 2008, Text Book facility is made available to B. Tech & MBA and MBE students. Text books are issued from Library to the students on loan basis for each semester and 3500 books were available for this purpose. At present the total Text Book collection is more than 15000 volumes. Total library collection is 40, 000 (including Book Bank).

Growth in the number of students, disciplines (Masters Degree):

A. Sciences: (Biotechnology, Mathematics, & Physics)]; and

B. Humanities [Masters Degrees: English Language & Literature].

Expansion of Central Library now onward is very much on priority in order to enrich the knowledge resource of the students and also keeping the faculty members abreast of latest developments in their field of specializations. Providing support and strengthening College Libraries, and opening of School Libraries is very much on the agenda.



In the new building with the various growth factors and aforesaid backdrop library is likely to enrich the following:



1.       General reading books

2.       Fictions and leisure reading books

3.       Language books (other than English language): Books in different languages; especially in Hindi to promote the National Language and Dogri & Kashmiri to promote and understand the culture of the state i.e. J&K.

4.       Reference books

5.       Text Book collection


Equipments & Technology: for modernising the library and it’s services the university is planning for RFID technology and NAS Server.

RFID Technology: Our library has already procured the Library software (Libsys). Further, higher level of automation can be achieved using RFID technology. This will help minimising book theft, further automate book circulation (multiple books at a time) to a user i.e. can be issued or checked-in in a single moment. It will also help in shelf or stack rectification & help minimising (un)intentional misplacement of books on the shelves by users.

CCTV: CCTV for better surveillance of the Library to detect and minimise any unwanted activities inside against the library is under process.

CD-Mirror SERVER/NAS Server for easy and reliable access with proper content is required. CD-ROM data can be mirrored (copied i.e. burned onto the server) to provide campus wide 24X7 access to students as well as faculty members. CD-Mirror Server is under plan.

Computer Laboratories equipped with 50 latest computers with Internet access will be made available in the library for users.

With the growth of library services and increasing volume of data storage, Library server is required. The Library server is under process for procurement. With the help of server all relevant Library information will be made available to the users through INTRANET.


Database contains 10,000+ profiles of experts in various subjects from 650 institutions -

List of Resources Subscribed for 2013

S.No. Resource Name Resource URL No. of Journals
1. American Chemical Society 37
2. American Physical Society 10
3. Annual reviews 33
4. Economical & Political Weekly 1
5. ISID Database
6. JCCC Database
7. JSTOR 2000+
8. Taylor & Francis 1079
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