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The School of Economics offers Ph.D. to limited number of  candidates preferably in the areas of trade, environment and poverty analysis.  Admission to Ph.D. programme is possible any time in the year through  University Research Committee (URC). Limited number of Research Assistantship  for Ph.D. students is available which is decided on merit by the School,  subject to the rules of the University. Candidates desirous of admission must  submit their application in the prescribed format (downloadable from the  University website) to the School's  Director.

Research Fellowship

Visiting Fellowship is offered for a limited period of time  coinciding with a specific/multiple job(s) pertaining to teaching, research and  specific project. Such positions may not be available all the time. Desirous  candidate may consult the School's  Director.  

Research Scholar

  • Shallu Sehgal - Area of Interest :  (Productivity in Manufacturing Sector)

Executive Programme

The School is in the process of offering short-term  executive programmes in various key areas useful for targeted group such as  bureaucrats, corporate people, students and academicians. The announcement for  such programme will be made on time through the University website and/or in  newspapers.


The SMVDU School of  Economics publishes a bi-annual Journal of management, "Arth  Anvesan"  in collaboration with  School of Business  with an objective of  development of research aptitude among faculty and students. Besides this  research Journal also help in supplementing teaching as teaching and research  go hand in hand.